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Peace Week 2022
Day One(92)-Living Soil
Peace Week Day One
Plenary: Core Needs – Living Soil
Peace Week 2022: Opening Ceremony
Call with The Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations!

THE AWAKENING WORLD Co-Hosted by The Coherence Pulse

Day Two (93) -Healthy Water

Peace Week Day Two

Plenary: Core Needs – Healthy Water

Pilgrimage for Peace: Peru

Eco-conscious Music Alliance: Global Action Concert
Plenary: The Many Dimensions of Human Security: From the Deepest Personal to the Global
Global Coherence Pulse Day II
Plenary: Religion to the Rescue
Day Three(94)-Vitalizing Food

Peace Week Day Three

Plenary: How to Get to a World BEYOND War

How Global and Personal Challenges Activate Human Potential

Shift Network’s Legacy of Peace: Stephen Dinan & Ben Bowler

Plenary: Global Citizen, A Decade of Pop and Policy with Co founder Simon Moss

Global Coherence Pulse Day III

Plenary: Vitalizing Food

View from the Bridge: Kurt Johnson, Jon Ramer, Jim Garrison
Day Four(95)-Fresh Air

Peace Week Day Four

Restorative Justice and Healing, Indigeneity and Kindness
The Global Tree Elder Movement – Introduction and Invitation
Ubuntu Documentary – Meet the Makers
Daily Global Coherence Pulse
Plenary – Fresh Clean Air
Day Five(96)Safety

Peace Week Day Five

Plenary: The Core Need of Physical & Emotional Safety
Connecting Through Culture: Live From Uganda, Australia, Canada & USA

Peace Day Youth Convergence

World Peace Concert

Global Coherence Pulse Day V

Plenary: The Many Dimensions of Human Security: From the Deepest Personal to the Global: Part II

A Call for Global Union Through Communitarian Consults
Peace Day Activation World Peace Flag Ceremony
Day Six(97)-Shelter

Peace Week Day Six

Plenary: The Core Need of Comfortable Shelter

Islands of Inner Peace: Cultivating Coherence in a Traumatized World

The Peace that Passeth the Understanding

Empty Hands Music: New Song! We The People. Nimo Patel & Ben Bowler

Global Coherence Pulse Day VI

Plenary – Honouring the Divine Mother: A Path to Peace

Peace as Unification in Action! Consecration of the Pyramid of Peace

22 Women Praying

Day Seven(98)-Manifesting Potential

Peace Week Day Seven

Plenary: The Core Need for Manifesting Our Potential

UP Convergence Harvest

Global Coherence Pulse Day VII

Plenary: Reimagining Value to Serve Life

Day Eight (99)-Day 99

Peace Week Day Eight

Great Transition Stories with Lynnaea Lumbard & Ben Bowler

Peace Day Chicago 2022

One Planet Peace Forum: Bold Visions of a Peaceful Future

Gratitude Ceremony of Humans and Nature Elders in The Listening Field

99 Day Closing Gala Event