A Journey Through the Chakana with Sacred Cacao

Beginning by lighting a candle calling to the highest form of light and any energies willing to be transformed to the highest form of light are welcome any energies not willing to be transformed to the highest form of light must leave now. Next we will call in the mountains, elements, animal allies, Pachamama, tata Inti, momma Quilla, the Milky Way, the ancestors of the land we are upon as well as our blood and star ancestors, the ascended masters and high priestesses of light and our angelic beings all the while sipping on cacao. followed by a short journaling sessions and then thanking all of the above mentioned giving thanks to the ancestors. I also would love to thank and acknowledge my teachers from the lineage of the seven rays from the Quechuan people from the andes and my teacher Jemmita. Close the ceremony.

Soundhealing for Inner Peace

I open my heart and connect to source to sing intuitive healing sounds in lightlanguages, to support the process of inner peace and evolution of mankind. It is a meditation, where you can sit, relax, open up and listen to receive lightfrequencies that will come out of the moment for those who want to be there in this special space. I offer exchange before and after the soundhealing.

11.11: Seeding our New bEARTH!

Let's face it, we are all human BEings, that want to have their core needs met; to eat clean organic foods, drink clean water and breathe fresh air! We are at the 11th hour! NOW is the time to take ACTION to regenerate our Mother Earth and ourselves!
How do we SEED our vision for our New Earth?

Awakening to Peace

Attendees will experience Infinite Peace as their own innermost SELF : A Mysterious Field of Silence, Emptiness, Love, and Freedom. They will be introduced to Sudden Awakening and Recognition.  The session will be a Presentation on Sudden Awakening with two poems, Discussion, Guided Meditation, and then a closing Discussion.

Reimagining a World with Peace

Currently there are many wars happening on our planet. Wars which not only affect the human lives in the forefront but also their loved ones on both sides of the conflict. Wars which destroy the precious soil and our Mother Earth. This will be a conversation between a filmmaker who spent over a year documenting the effects of war and a 20 year old war veteran. Together, with attendees, we will try to reimagine a world where peace prevails.