Songs of Peace from Hubcast

Songs of Peace explores the many facets of the term Peace, the ‘absence of war’ being only one. You are welcome to join our celebration. We’ve assembled a stellar cast of performing songwriters to share their musical reflections on Peace.

The One We Are; What Are We?

Our panelists offer their own perspectives and wisdom teachings about the purpose of Humanity and the times we are going through. We then consider together what will enable Humanity to rise from our destructive patterns. Games engage some; a new mythology may serve others; what will it take to unite us all?

Ervin Laszlo, Champion for Peace

Drs. Kurt Johnson and Robert Atkinson of the Light on Light Press host this tribute to Ervin Laszlo, philosopher and systems scientist twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Meditation and Movement with Karuna

Our Body, Mind and spirit must link up to our destiny, to testify, and serve peace with compassion in every aspect of interaction. Breath in breath out, inhale, exhale and move, shake, dance and shout...I Am!

39th – 40th Elders & Youth Gathering & Peacekeeper Celebration Panel

This panel will share their experiences past and present with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo's Sunray Meditation Society and Peace Village’s Annual Native American Elders Gathering: its’ significance as a fulfillment of prophesy, how it is impacted their lives, and how and why for the first time in 39 years, now it has become Sunray’s Annual Elders and Youth Gathering.

Light on Light Authors Illuminating the Path to Peace

Dr. Kurt Johnson of the Light on Light Press speaks with seven Light on Light book authors, three of whom are Nautilus-award winners,
emphasizing the transformational purposes of their books and the impacts of their success.

Rainforest Renaissance

The launch event is the culmination of a week-long conclave of Indigenous tribes and leaders who are coming together as they understand the critical circumstances we face as the human race and seek to share their wisdom of the natural world.

Indigenizing Earth Knowledges: Rising from the Ashes

Connecting a leading academic and a leading practitioner in a lively discussion of the opportunities and challenges of how postmodernity can best be informed by the ancient wisdoms of indigenous cultures.

A Global Gathering of Peace and Unity

Calling indigenous peoples, spiritual leaders, interfaith sisters and brothers, along with allies of the tribe and friends of the earth to gather for peace.

World Peace Concert: Peace on Earth, Peace WITH Earth

Brought to you by UNITY EARTH TV, as part of Peace Week, the World Peace Concert is a testament to the power of togetherness and the beauty of diversity. With the theme "Peace on Earth, Peace WITH Earth," we underscore that peace isn't just about coexistence but about mindful respect — for each other and our environment.

99 Day Harvest: Unity’s Journey Towards a Peaceful Tomorrow

The essence of Peace Week lies in imagining—and realizing—a world that's harmoniously interconnected, free from biases and barriers. The "99 Day Harvest" is our testament to this journey, a tribute to the committed endeavors of our Mission Leaders, Convergence Room Stewards, and Presenters.

Crafting Our Shared Narrative: An Open Space Forum

As Peace Week draws to its culmination, we invite you to be a key part of a unique dialogue: an Open Space Technology (OST) Forum. This is not just another gathering, but a co-created space, where each participant, including you, has the agency to guide the conversation.