Latest Past Events

99 Day Closing Gala Event

Co-Hosted by The Awakening World, UNITY EARTH and Global Coherence Pulse, this Gala event celebrated the closing of the first period of 99 Days of Peace through Unity.

Gratitude Ceremony of Humans and Nature Elders in The Listening Field

True Peace on Earth necessarily involves personal and collective peace with our Nature relatives. Join us for this online ceremony to give gratitude on Day 99 to the Nature Elders we know and love, for their ongoing partnership, wisdom and love.

Islands of Calm Meditation

Around the world, media publish stories about turbulence, despair, anger and fear centred in our cities.
What if we could create conditions where anyone could experience in themselves an Island of Calm? What if that Island of Calm could impact up to 1000 other people to experience calm in their life conditions at home, at work or at play?
Integral City Meshworks invites you to a Zoom Islands of Calm Meditation for Cities.