Teilhard’s Pathway to Peace through Unity

In the 1920s, priest-paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1882-1955) wove science and mysticism into a potent vision for our future. He was first to name the Noosphere the consciousness envelope of the planet, and so much more. Join us for a lively discussion around the Four Freedoms and Teilhard’s prophetic wisdom for our time.

Sacred Youth Empowerment

What is Sacred Youth Empowerment? What do our global community of young people need? How can we inspire an empowered world and how can our youth BE at the helm of creating the world we all wish to see?

Language of Sacred Healing

An exploration of the evolving self and our shifting language of healing, the permission to listen and engage in generous ways in the present moment, and the question, "What do we aspire to as a collective?"

Yogi Soul Sage – Yoga for finding the space of peace

A yoga practice via Zoom with yoga instructor, Haseena Patel focusing on:
Breathing deeply.
Finding the value of the space of peace in between the experience of the pose.
Experiencing the energy of and connection with self and collective

Facing Life With Courage by Nefeli Soteriou

With the recent global changes, we became more conscious of our inherent responsibility for protecting the good of the whole. Sharing resources is caring. Cultivating habits to face adversity, hardship or opposition is part of Nefeli Soterious's coaching curriculum. Join Nefeli for a 30 minute presentation for well-being nourishment!

Discovering Your Cellular Voice

We are all addicts, and our DNA is being held captive. This is a time for renewed personal sovereignty, and our most thriving cellular energy is at the core of our physical, mental, and emotional health, and of our spiritual courage and curiosity. In this playful and interactive workshop, we’ll explore the tools at our fingertips for eating our most Sacred Food, and finding our most invigorated version of self, giving our cells a healthy voice and giving ourselves our most vibrant expression.

Sacred Healing – Part 1

A co-creation of evolutionary proportions! What does healing mean? What is the relationship with that which is asking to be healed and what makes it sacred? When does healing begin? What gets in the way of healing?

Sacred Healing – Part 2

A Guided visualization and part somatic meditation by Tara DeNuccio, following on from the discussion in Sacred Healing - Part 1.

Dancing with the Pain

A conversation with Lisa Verni exploring: What Dancing with the Pain means and how it originated. Dancing with the Pain as an approach to living. Finding peace in Dancing with the Pain.

Finding Peace in Cosmic Flow

Cosmic flow is the gradual unfolding of a single multiform being whose continuing prosperity rides on one thing only - each of its organs must merge into the flow using the natural abilities bestowed on it by the whole that brought it forth.