Flamenco Chakras: A (mini) Healing Journey

This interactive, event calls on participants to play an active role, bringing an experience of deep, simultaneous connection with both the Self and the Whole

A Practical, Scalable True Democracy

Drawing upon over forty years of expertise in optimizing operations at some of America's foremost corporations, Brent Naseath created a viable solution to address the political divide, corruption, and the manipulative politics that plague societies of the world.

Healing for Peace: A Sonic Acupuncture and Akashic Records reading experience

An Akashic Records reading by Haseena Patel and Sonic Acupuncture by Bree Dellerson - everyone in attendance gets to:
~ BE with this exploration to inner peace ~ Contribute their inner peace energy to our collective
~ Co-create with us in the moment, nourishing our own BE-ings while nourishing one another.

Global Feast for Peace

Each year since 2012, International Cities of Peace has hosted the Global Feast for Peace during Peace Week, a way for the world to share food together in celebration of friendship and common interest, a tradition as old as the human family. Join us for a Global Feast for Peace in this sacred online space we share, no matter where we are in the world. We welcome you.

Evolutionary Messages of Peace from Around the World

Join evolutionary messenger, Sheila Cash in welcoming Lis Williams, Co-founder of the Co-Creation Circle for Peace with Anne Baring, along with a panel of peace organizers, advocates and boosters doing valuable work around the world on behalf of humanity.