Global Feast for Peace

Each year since 2012, International Cities of Peace has hosted the Global Feast for Peace during Peace Week, a way for the world to share food together in celebration of friendship and common interest, a tradition as old as the human family. Join us for a Global Feast for Peace in this sacred online space we share, no matter where we are in the world. We welcome you.

A New Unitive Narrative For Transformation

This session, which connects the unitive narrative to global governance and peace making, was originally held for Catalyst 2030’s Catalyzing Change Week 2023, when changemakers from every region of the globe converged toward meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

BRIDGING CONTINENTS 7th Generation Ceremony

This ceremony is a continuation of a Bridging Continents flow of ceremonies cocreated between indigenous of mother earth from Europe and Abya Yala. Please feel welcome to bring a cup of beloved sacred Cacao.

Event Series 11 Days of Global Unity

11 Days of Global Unity

11 Days of Global Unity begins on September 11 and goes through Sept 21, as part of Peace Week. Each day honors a different theme. Join us in the same Zoom room each day at 12 NOON EDT and 7 p.m. EDT for a program and and discussion.

Loving the Earth Born Creature and Their Beloved Planet: Collective Soul Alchemy Dream Weave

Taking care to create or choose an environment you can focus and be quiet in. To the best of your abilities, anchor your prepared dream offerings. Have pens or pencils, or other ways to mark, and paper or a book with seven spaces (ideally separate pages or sheets so you can carry on with this work later) numbered one to seven. Seven small objects that can be held in the hand and that can be identified for future use. Plenty of water, a glass, a candle, lighter or other source of fire, To work with objects of beauty, have a plant to focus with. This is the ideal, but we work with what we have.

🎶 Pause the World for Peace 🌐

On September 21, 2023, a significant beacon of peace through unity and harmony will shine brightly from the heart of New York City — Times Square. With the power of music, human connection, and our shared hope for a more peaceful and regenerative future, we are orchestrating a 5-hour LIVE broadcast to touch every soul, every heart, and every corner of our Earth.

2023 Awakening Peace Award Recipient Dr. Nina Meyerhof and Beyond

Dr. Nina Meyerhof shares her peace legacy pioneering for the rights of children, through the UN, and around the world. You will be inspired by seeing how one person can make a difference for greater peace and leadership. That person is you. Come receive her inspirational spark from I to We to One Humanity.

Accelerating Adaptation to Oneness in The Great Turning

This session will likely be of greatest interest and relevance to those who are already leading or engaged in strategic planning roles in groups, organizations, or movements. This is one of many meetings, gatherings and collaborations between inspired leaders that have been ongoing for some time now.

Hope Beyond Auschwitz

Ukrainian and Polish youth emergence joined by trainers and facilitators. One Humanity empowerment to go from I to We to One.