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The One We Are; What Are We?

Friday, 22 September 2023 @ 11:00 AM - 1:15 PM EDT

A panel discussion with respect to a new Origin Story, the story we are living, and Our future.

Throughout time, humanity has told stories; stories that teach or soothe our children; stories that lift our hair, scared; stories that shift or lift us from the mundane. What story can lift us from the mundane and scary reality we’re living, into “the more beautiful world we”, as Charles Eisenstein says, “know in our hearts is possible”?

Our panelists offer their own perspectives and wisdom teachings about the purpose of Humanity and the times we are going through. We then consider together what will enable Humanity to rise from our destructive patterns. Games engage some; a new mythology may serve others; what will it take to unite us all? Syntropy suggests that a positive goal (a story with a “happy ending”) has the power to engage our hearts and our bodies and activate the Power that empowers All That Is. What story serves us all, in all our diversity, and thus the Greater One we collectively are?

Shannon McArthur is a storyteller and multimedia artist, and the moderator of the AfterChat of Humanity Rising. She’s in love with Mama Gaia Who gave her a promise of Peace. Words spoken at 9 came true at 49 and at 15 her mouth, without consulting her brain, made a life-defining promise. Shannon shares OhGs, an inspired plan for the transformation of human society.

Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, Ilarion ‘Kuuyux’ Merculieff is an Elder of the Aleut Nation in Alaska. Founder of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways, he is also the co-founder and ongoing key speaker for the Wisdom Weavers of the World. He has over 50 years of experience serving his people and Indigenous peoples around the world in a number of leadership capacities. Raised in a traditional Unangan way, Ilarion received his traditional name “Kuuyux” at age 4 by the last Kuuyux left alive; it means “a messenger”.

Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Mystic & High Priestess. She answered some questions for Gaia in this conversation (it ended unexpectedly and perfectly!) Just back from a tour of appearances in Europe, Mare will convene the 1000 Goddesses Gathering on October 21, a powerful Unified Field of individual ceremonies held around the world begun in 2016. This year the frequencies will be researched by the HeartMath Institute.

Tex Albert, born in the Seychelles, is a networker, philosopher, photographer, and more. In the #DivineMilieu, part of the 99 Days of Peace Through Unity, a conversation was made into this video. He’s also involved with the fascinating and pertinent DeepTime Network.

Sharon Joy Kleitsch is the Principal of the Connection Partners, Inc., and a meta-networker, weaving local with global initiatives by sharing what’s emerging and what works (her page on OtherNetworks.org). She uses conversational processes, such World Café and Open Space with diverse activists to foster fields of collective intelligence and nurture coherence. Following the energies of living systems seems to activate synchronicities, pathways of discovery.

Gail Thomas is a Tsalagi Grandmother residing at the south end of the oldest mountains in North America. Trained in Jungian psychology, Gail interprets dreams and is dedicated to traditional ancestral Native ceremony. She writes songs from the Dreamtime and helps others find their songs. She works through this website: Empathy Architects

Suzanne Taylor deals with the massive shift of consciousness underway, from self-interest to sensing our mutuality. Her signature says: A social catalyst of collective sanity, weaving the spiritual into the political,  Up until the ‘70s (as Sue Taylor) Suzanne acted in top TV shows and made many TV commercials. Then she turned to work on our inner lives and produces imaginative projects to this day. A highlight was making an award-winning documentary, What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery, a subject that might prove we aren’t the only intelligence in the universe. She connects people on the cutting edge of thought and says, “In my blueprint for a workable world, conversation is now in order.”

We are grateful for the assistance of Marc Caron of Hubcast Media for handling the technology for this broadcast.


Friday, 22 September 2023
11:00 AM - 1:15 PM EDT
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Shannon McArthur, Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, Mare Cromwell, Tex Albert, Sharon Joy Kleitsch, Gail Thomas, and Suzanne Taylor