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The PEARL: People Engaging in the Arts Rejoicing Life – PART 2 OF 3

Wednesday, 20 September 2023 @ 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM EDT

A pearl – iridescent, a rainbow of color – the Union of Fire & Water – Masculine & Feminine. When all of the colors of the rainbow unite, we become One White Light!

This is a CALL to Build a Community that will represent the 4-Directions of the World. We are designing sacred ceremonies encompassing, “A CRY FOR A DREAM” the ceremonial production of the story of the precious PEARL told through the prophecy of the Condor & the Eagle. We are seeking representation from the indigenous regions of the world. The 4Heart Centers will host these sacred ceremonies.

Through laughter and creativity, we will engage in designing the ceremonial production of A CRY FOR A DREAM, the story of the Precious PEARL told through the prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle. These ceremonies will be held at the base of sacred cliffs in the 4-Directions of the world. The 4-Heart Centers will feed the 12-PEARL Gates to heaven on earth.

Learn more about the Mission of  PEARL (People Engaging in the Arts Rejoicing in Life)

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Kelly Boon

Presenters Short Bio
Kelly Boon is an American Colorist, motivational speaker and spiritual facilitator. Her company CHAOS; Creativity Humor And Other Stuff, opens the door for fun while engaging in opportunities to explore new perspectives. She is often recognized by youth and adults in Central Iowa as “that red nose lady” spreading CHAOS in unsuspecting classrooms and audiences throughout Iowa. She has even become somewhat of an icon as far away as Kofu, Japan with her (contagious) red nOses and seriously, silly antics. Through twenty years of teachings and healings through the sacred ceremonies of a Lakota Medicine Man, she experienced her first HAŊBLÉČEYAPI. Through this vision quest, Spirit guided Kelly to create an art collection of 12-large paintings that would bring healing to the people. This collection, “A CRY FOR A DREAM” is accompanied by the ceremonial script of the story of the precious pearl told through the prophecy and personalized story of the condor and the eagle.

The PEARL is the alignment of the global prophecies of today bringing peace and harmony on earth as we unite in monumental, ceremonial productions in the four-heart centers of the four-directions of the world. These ceremonies will bring the union of all nations, led by the feminine, indigenous people of the world in preparation for the 12-PEARL Gates to Heaven on Earth. This is the Great Ascension. The PEARL, People Engaging in the Arts Rejoicing in Life is the UNION of LOVE.

Join us in the #GlobalFireCeremony Convergence Room

https://sine-network.zoom.us/j/89846571811   Zoom Mtg ID: 898 4657 1811


Wednesday, 20 September 2023
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM EDT
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Kelly Boon