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PLENARY: The Core Need for HEALTHY WATER with Anne Poelina, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji, Bernd Müller & Karuna Warren

Sunday, 18 September 2022 @ 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EDT

This 90-minute plenary, with interactive Q&A, invites leaders in the field of water stewardship, systems and retention landscapes, Anne Poelina, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Karuna Warren to respond to the following questions:

  • What would be your optimal local-to-global strategy for ensuring the guaranteed access of all humans and animals to HEALTHY WATER?
  • What are the whole system healing benefits of such a strategy?
  • How can we move forward to make this a global reality?

Join the Zoom Room or watch live and on-demand on www.theone.stream!

The daily themes of Peace Week 2022 are inspired by the second primary task of Eco-Governance, which is to ensure that the 7 Core Needs of all humans and animals are met through guaranteed access to:

  • Living Soil
  • Healthy Water
  • Vitalizing Food
  • Fresh Clean Air
  • Physical and Emotional Safety
  • Comfortable Shelter
  • The conditions needed for all to manifest their unique Life-enriching potential

To learn more about the 7 Core Needs visit https://www.codes.earth/7coreneeds

Biographies of the Speakers

Professor Anne Poelina, Co-Chair of Indigenous Studies and Senior Research Fellow NulunguInstitute, University of Notre Dame, is a Nyikina Warrwa Indigenous woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Chair, Martuwarra Fitzroy River Council, Anne is an active community leader, human and earth rights advocate, and film maker. Anne holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Indigenous Wellbeing), Doctor of Philosophy (First Law), Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Master of Education, Master of Arts (Indigenous Social Policy). Signatory to the Redstone Statement 2010 she helped draft at the 1st International Summit on Indigenous Environmental Philosophy. A Peter Cullen Fellow for Water Leadership, she was awarded a Laureate from the Women’s World Summit Foundation (Geneva,2017).

Anne believes we can dream together, as human beings, and start to live in harmony with each other and with our non-human families. Otherwise, Mother Earth will be lonely without the vibrations of human beings! https://www.martuwarrafitzroyriver.org

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati is a renowned spiritual leader and motivational speaker, based in Rishikesh, India. Originally from Los Angeles, California, and a graduate of Stanford University, Sadhviji has lived on the banks of the sacred Ganga river, in the lap of the Himalayas for nearly 25 years engaged in spiritual service, wisdom teaching, sacred action, and deep spiritual practice.

At Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, where she lives most of the year, she gives daily spiritual discourses (satsang), teaches meditation, provides spiritual counseling and mentoring, and oversees myriad charitable and humanitarian projects and activities.

Sadhviji serves as:
• Secretary-General of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, an international interfaith organization dedicated to clean water, sanitation & hygiene(WASH).
• President of The Divine Shakti Foundation, a foundation which runs free schools, vocational training programs and empowerment programs.
• Director of the world-famous International Yoga Festival at Parmarth which has been covered in Time Magazine, CNN, New York Times and other prestigious publications.


Bernd Müller is a nature researcher, a specialist in building Water Retention Landscapes and an international ecological consultant.

After moving from Germany to Spain he managed an organic farm in the Sierra Nevada, where I found the calmness I needed to study natural processes through close observation. There he discovered spiritual and intuitive ways of of cooperating with water, plants and animals.

In 2006, he joined the Monte Cerro Peace Education in Tamera, together with his partner and son, and became a member of the community. Under guidance of the Austrian permaculture specialist and rebel farmer Sepp Holzer, they began creating a Water Retention Landscape in Tamera in 2007.

Through his travels to many countries, he has never seen a single place where establishing a Water Retention Landscape wouldn’t be the first step towards restoring nature and assuring the human right to water. Through studying the being of water, he realized that we can transform scarcity into abundance quickly. If we adopt a new water paradigm, we can provide water and food for all inhabitants of this planet.

In Tamera he coordinated the work on nature restoration and am an advisor on all questions of ecology and animal husbandry. In 2013, He established the Global Ecology Institute in Tamera. As part of this, he works as an ecological consultant for partner projects in the region and in throughout the global network, for NGOs and government agencies in different countries. https://www.tamera.org/

Karuna (Sanskrit meaning compassion); is an environmental engineer, water activist, ceremonial leader & Founder of 501c-3 WaterNow Inc., an NGO formed in Miami, FL that has now completed 88 projects globally. He is passionate about holistic water systems, green technologies, healing therapies, and First Nations issues.
He is dedicated to the mission of clean water access & sustainability, focusing on indigenous and underserved communities. Karuna helps implement regenerative systems: river turbines, structured water, rainwater harvesting, solar, hydroponics, village utilities & sanitation systems and has traveled to 22 countries constructing water projects.
Karuna received dual degrees in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Northwestern and MBA from FIU. Karuna has spoken on sustainability, bridging technology and environmental activism at numerous venues including Bioneeer’s, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision Festival, New Earth Ancient Future, Regenerate California, Llamada del Agua and Tribalize gatherings.
Outside of the office, you can find Karuna in nature, practicing yoga, dancing, playing congas, meditating, hiking, praying and at water bodies. One of his unfolding lifelong dreams is co- creating an eco-village, combining ancient indigenous wisdom, with modern sustainable technology in a conscious active way to exponentially increase sustainable initiatives. http://waternow.us/


Sunday, 18 September 2022
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EDT
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