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Loving the Earth Born Creature and Their Beloved Planet: Collective Soul Alchemy Dream Weave

Thursday, 21 September 2023 @ 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT

This is an invitation to a short online ritual set to create waves of influence through the lives of attendees and their networks of influence, to offer particular support for any aligned energies or projects brought forward during the event, known or unknown, and to connect all intentions and visions of possibilities to a soul alchemy weave designed to maximize the impact.

The Focus is Love of the Earth Born Creature and Their Home.

The presenter will be bringing their own established dreams and visions around this theme, and invites attendees to do the same. It is important that each dream holder can actually imagine their dream, so these dreams can be on any scale. A very specific intention, such as the well-being of one animal, or a persons own relationship to their human creature, self, a creature love project, ongoing or planned, or a massive shift in attitudes that steps up love of a particular species, according to the true inclinations of attendees, or love for our earth born creatures en masse.

Presenter: Gaia kitty Wellbeloved

Short Bio
Gaia Kitty Wellbeloved was aligned with working in the realm of dream in the womb and spent a lot of her life isolated from human dialogues, and drawn into dialogues with non incarnate or non human consciousness. She has worked in the background, in human terms, for thirty plus years in a wide span of capacities with the collective consciousness. She met many trainings along the way and was particularly delighted to work with the Berber, Aboriginal and Indigenous Witches in Spirit – whose teachings were grounded in work with a mortal practitioner.

Over the past 6 years, she has developed the alchemy that she uses, to assist the incorporation of new dream choices, and to assist her ability to work with living people, and train with the many modern practitioners that assist her. This, being the first step in the choice to become more visible in her work, which is usually worked one to one or in the ethers.

Notes for Workshop~

There are time limitations around this workshop opportunity, so I invite you to invest in this collective action before we meet … make this important – intention is a golden key. To bring your best contribution of wood to our collective fire, spend some time before the workshop, contemplating your intentions. If time is a commodity you are short of, decide how much you can afford and set a timer … contemplate how you, yourself love earth born creatures, how you are expressing that love, to your self, and other human creatures, to those you know or don’t know, and how they would like to expand that love in the world, as if there were no obstacles to that. What you would love to see in the world now, and in the future. Go as far into the future as you choose.
Anchor this investment somehow, Choose a few words or symbols, anchor the dream with a body gesture, take a few notes or write an essay, make a picture, a song, whatever leads you into a deeper connection to this. This investment will be shared with all in the workshop and has already created an effect in the world. The intention is to magnify that, add to it, clear any unnecessary resistances to it, in our psychic field, and create clear intentions for aligned actions. To step on a path towards embodying these dreams, become familiar with and recognize, the magic of adding certain ritual ingredients.
Clear intention and shared agreements
Pooled resources
Focus and tools for focus
Fire and celebration
Water and embodiment

Taking care to create or choose an environment you can focus and be quiet in. To the best of your abilities, anchor your prepared dream offerings. Have pens or pencils, or other ways to mark, and paper or a book with seven spaces (ideally separate pages or sheets so you can carry on with this work later) numbered one to seven. Seven small objects that can be held in the hand and that can be identified for future use. Plenty of water, a glass, a candle, lighter or other source of fire, To work with objects of beauty, have a plant to focus with. This is the ideal, but we work with what we have.

We start in “quietitude”, attendees are asked to stay muted and offer in their names, location, and a reference to key points in their dream, to anchor themselves in it, and allow it to be woven in to the group expansion.

There will be a short meditation with a simple breathing alignment moving into an invitation to connect to the group dream through listening and imagining. We will look back to the present, and past times, from the place of this dream, and into the legacies for futures, far ahead. As we go through the process together we will connect to whatever rises as individuals and make notes to gift ourselves, advice and suggestions for aligned actions, to take in to have something to anchor this dream, … into the material world

We will then come together in the vision and build our excitement for its possibilities and share that in an unmuted vocalization. Expressions of passion and emotion of all sorts welcome. As we are emptied of words in the cacophony, we are all invited to begin the completion with the use of words of agreement.

AHO is my favoured expression (AHO MATAKOIYA OYASIN)
But any are welcome ~ I agree ~So may it be ~ Amen
We will then blow out flames together, those who do not have a physical flame, can blow out the offered flames or those in the imagination.



Thursday, 21 September 2023
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT
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Gaia kitty Wellbeloved