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History of Sunray UN NGO in Costa Rica

Thursday, 21 September 2023 @ 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM EDT

Join us to discover the impact of our Sunray UN NGO in Costa Rica and learn more about our Peacekeeper training here: https://sunray.org/events/peacekeeper/

This panel will share a brief history past and present, including slides, of Sunray Meditation Society and Peace Village’s advocacy for Indigenous People’s rights in Costa Rica, other Central American countries, and the world. Panelists will share about a miraculous, groundbreaking Interfaith Conference In 1989 attended by Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, the Dalai Lama, and other Leaders of World Religions, and how Venerable Dhyani and assistants advocated on behalf of the Bribri and the Boruca Tribes in Costa Rica–resulting not only in both gaining their citizenship in their own country, but also in forming an organization which became recognized an NGO of the UN. Panelists will share how this led in turn to Sunray’s becoming recognized as a UN NGO in 1992, and some highlights, for the past 25 years, of what Sunray representatives have accomplished at the UN globally on behalf of Indigenous Peoples . Venerable and her assistants were welcomed back to Costa Rica for many years to share Venerable’s Peacekeeper Teachings until there was an unavoidable hiatus, Then, through amazing synchronicities, this past year, Sunray and the Costa Rican Bribri reconnected and once again! in the present,  Sunray Peacekeeper Teachings have been offered with great appreciation and joy—renewing this sacred connection!

Dr. Olivia Cheever serves on The Sunray Council of Trustees and Peace Village Land Trust in Lincoln, VT, and on the Fundraising and Archives Committees. She has been a Sunray Meditation Society practitioner since 1978 when she met its founder, the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo: the 27th Lineage Holder of the Ani Yun Wiwa Cherokee Ywahoo Lineage, and Tibetan Buddhist Khandro. Olivia was introduced to Venerable’s life-changing Peacekeeper Teachings and many Indigenous Wisdomkeepers over the years. These experiences have continued to inform and inspire Olivia’s actions in life, including working at the United Nations. As a member of Sunray’s Teaching Gadugi society, and as an educator, psychologist, integrative holistic therapist and somatic leadership coach, she has helped people embody more fully what they wish to bring peacefully into the world in academic, business, and diverse community environments. After recently retiring from her academic positions teaching somatic learning, she is grateful now to be a peacebuilding activist at this crucial time of the New Earth rising— serving as Chair and Co-Chair of Sunray Events and Elders and Youth Gathering Committees from 2020-2023. She and her husband divide their time between Massachusetts and Vermont.

Reverend Sandra Sheridan is a physical therapist specializing in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. A long time student of Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, she is the NGO representative of Sunray Meditation Society at the United Nations and has been for the past 25 years. Her focus has been on Indigenous Peoples rights and utilizing the Sunray Peacekeeping Principles within the UN system and internationally in support of Indigenous Peoples. Ordained as a Sunray Minister, Sandra also serves on the Sunray Peacekeeper Teachings Faculty.

Margie Joy Walden has been a Sunray Meditation Society practitioner since 1978. Under the direction of the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, she provided Sunray teachings in the United States, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Costa Rica.  She also served as the United Nations NGO representative for Sejekto-La Voz del Indio de Costa Rica in planning the UN International Year of Indigenous Peoples as well as the UN International Decade of Indigenous Peoples. Margie Joy was also instrumental in Sunray Meditation Society receiving NGO status at the United Nations.

Jordi Palou-Loverdos is a firekeeper and member of the White Horse Gadugi Society of International Lawyers and Mediators of The Sunray Meditation Society and Peace Village Land Trust. He is also a Member of the Board and Director of the “Letter of Peace addressed to the United Nations Foundation”. He is also an accredited lawyer before the International Criminal Court. Inspired by the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo’s Peacekeeper Teachings, he has created “The Salmon Way” to globally transform conflict in areas such as Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco, Colombia, and Costa Rica. In addition, with his “Being In Peace Initiative,” Jordi has facilitated international and national dialogue focusing on the pandemic situation, and social and political conflict in Catalonia/Spain. He and his family reside in Barcelona, Spain.

Watch it live on UNITY EARTH TV –  https://unity.earth/tv/


Thursday, 21 September 2023
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM EDT
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Dr. Olivia Cheever, Reverend Sandra Sheridan, Margie Joy Walden, Jordi Palou-Loverdos