A Clarion Call for Unity and Co-Creation

The urgent and complex global challenges we face will not be resolved from within the same systems that created them. Today … hundreds of millions of people and millions of groups are working on countless regenerative and compassionate solutions. Throughout this vast and diverse global movement there is a growing recognition that we already have the knowledge, skills, ideas, technologies and resources … to effectively address all our escalating crises. Our primary challenge is to align and organize effectively for whole-system healing and transformation.

— From Codes for a Healthy Earth

#7CoreNeeds is an emerging global initiative that offers a unifying vision and practical pathway for people of all cultures and ideologies to rise above our differences and organize effectively, as One Humanity, for rapid social and ecological healing.

#7CoreNeeds is an invitation for humanity to align and self-organize towards ensuring that the core needs of all humans and animals are met through guaranteed access to

    • Living Soil

    • Healthy Water

    • Vitalizing Food

    • Fresh Clean Air

    • Physical and Emotional Safety

    • Comfortable Shelter

    • The conditions needed for all to manifest their unique Life-enriching potential 

Imagine a world where the core needs of all humans, animals and ecosystems are met.
Together we have all we need to make it so.

Whole-System Benefits of #7CoreNeeds 

When we unite and organize to ensure the core needs of all humans and animals are met:


  • we focus our collective intelligence, creativity and resources towards that which is essential and nourishing to all Life. 

  • we discover and amplify solutions that effectively address most of our current crises simultaneously. 

  • we galvanize a diverse and aligned global community, rooted in worldwide solidarity and cooperation, that transcends cultural and ideological differences. 

  • we become more conscious of our inherent interconnectedness and interdependence with each other and with all of Life. 

  • we cultivate a lived sense of belonging, mutual care and accountability that takes into account the good of the whole in all our decisions and actions. 

Uniting and Organizing as One for the Benefit of All

There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences.
They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all her children.

— From The Navajo-Hopi Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow

#7CoreNeeds invites collaboration with aligned individuals and groups around two primary areas of focus:

1. Raising awareness about the essential whole-system healing benefits of focusing our collective attention, resources and global policy on meeting these universal needs.

​2. Mapping, gathering and showcasing the solutions, best practices, information and resources from around the world. Particular focus will be given to “whole-system solutions” such as Localization, Bioregionalism, Ecovillages, Ecosystem Restoration Camps, Transitions Towns, Food Sovereignty, Agroecology, Permaculture, Water-Retention Landscapes, Trauma Healing, etc. The intention is to also showcase inspiring stories and living examples of how communities are meeting their core needs in regenerative ways, as well as opportunities for individuals and communities to learn and get involved.

Global Launch of #7CoreNeeds during Peace Week 2022

Peace Week 2022 have adopted the 7 Core Needs as themes for each day, September 17—23. This global event will also help to launch the emerging initiative of #7CoreNeeds as “a compelling and unifying organizing principle for rapid social and ecological healing.” Each day there will be diverse events connected to the 7 Core Needs. 

Initial Events include:​

1. Daily Plenary ~ Inspiring plenaries, bringing together acclaimed experts and wisdom keepers who are leading whole-solutions for addressing the 7 Core Needs.

2. Daily Fireside Chat with Dot Maver and Shelley Ostroff ~ Initiator and architect of Eco-Governance, Dr. Shelley Ostroff and seasoned peacebuilder and co-founder of Global Silent Minute, Dot Maver, will be discussing the radical whole-system healing benefits of focusing our collective attention, resources and global policy on the 7 Core Needs, as well as practical steps for individuals and communities to self-organize for unified action.

… more coming soon!

Get Involved

To learn more about #7CoreNeeds you are invited to join the Eco-Governance Community platform, where we are beginning to organize towards to two primary areas of focus outlined above.

When we unite in action around the
7 Core Needs, we discover our diverse
and complementary roles in ensuring a thriving world for all of Life in the shortest possible time.

7 Core Needs